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Remote accessing to MySQL

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1. Firstly, login to MySQL by command line in your local machine, e.g.

root@ubuntu:~# mysql -u root -p

2. Executing the following command to grant the privileges

mysql> grant all on *.* to root@'%' identified by "root";

Here ‘all’ can be replaced by ‘select’, ‘update’, ‘insert’, ‘delete’ and so on.
*.* represent all databases and all tables
root@’%’ means all user root to access from every ip address, ‘%’ may replace by a specific ip address
identified by “root” means give user root a password “root” for login

3. After the step 2 done, you need to run “flush privileges;” to update your settings

To show the privileges you just configured, you can run

show grants for [your user name]

for example:

show grants for root@'localhost';

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